Melissa Murillo, ossessione del dettaglio

Melissa Murillo è una artista.
Il resto da dire è superfluo:
Labirintici, ossessivi, falsamente ridondanti, sovversivi, esasperati, eversivi, complessi, intricati, ammalianti, sconcertanti, dettagliati, paranoici, allucinanti, disperdenti, coinvolgenti, congruenti, fantasiosi, illusionistici, filosofici, accattivanti, grovigli, esaltanti, introspettivi. Bellissimi.

Una intervista.

1. Tell us about yourself and where you're from.
I was born in Equator and moved to France when i was 18.
2. What is your background in? Are you self-taught?
Did you go to art/design school?

After I moved to France, i went to art high school in Paris and that was when i started taking art seriously but i never really enjoyed their methods. Then i moved to Berlin, after this my way of drawing change. Most of what you see nowadays is the result of a lot of practice drawing and experimenting with things, i truly believe that every person born has been given the gift of creativity and an artistic ability (or abilities) in which to express themselves in a way that no one else can precisely duplicate".
3. How would you describe your work?
i love complicate things, stories behind faces, little details that contain the untold, I draw on paper, trying to keep things as difficult as possible.
4. What materials do you like to work with?
rotrings, pens gel ink, paper, wood.
5. Do you tend to focus on the conceptual idea of a piece? or is it purely aesthetic? or both?
Aesthetic and concept are interwined!
6. What do you want viewers to take from your work?
It's so hard for me to say what other people get from my work .art, in any form is what gives us a sense of who we are, a peak into our imaginations and the passionate desires that make us individual.
I have always been absolutely fascinated by Nature. I love to use emotions that i am going through, inspiration hides in strange and wonderful places .
7. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your art?
yes !! some people ask me about ,why i always draw females ,I think my frequent use of female subjects in what i make is entirely connected to influences from my childhood .
8. What 4 words describe you best?
love, details, nature and dreams.
9. Who are your heroes? muses?
I think what inspires my work is usually a combination of things i just absorb on a daily basis that suddenly become an idea. It might be a photograph i come across, a movie i watch or even a song. i'm usually not sure. I think it all comes out of inner contemplation and observation. I notice all sorts of little things that are of interest only to me , like the flying birds. I take clips from books, magazines and documentaires that are not directly connnected to my work but contain a certain mood or hint that are relevant to what is spinning in my head at the time.
10. What are you working on right now?
i just can say Illustrative 2010.
11. Do you have any upcoming projects that you could tell us about?
i am working on a book and working on my first solo exhibition!
12. Is there anything that I've missed out on that you'd like to share?
Important ideas come from everywhere, if there is one good thing about all this technology, it is that we are able to promote ourselves and communicate with each other.

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  1. ..le ossessioni sono la giusta marcia per approfondire i "dettagli" che rendono un'opera geniale;esse aumentano la capacità di coinvolgimento di chi osserva; le considero un input positivo quando si parla di arte! P.

  2. Grandioso lavoro di pazienza e creatività.

  3. Il tuo blog è davvero bello. Utile per ispirazioni e per chi ha sempre sete di sapere (chissà chi). Complimenti.

    Dai un'occhiata alla mia pagina di deviant art se ti va!


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